GoPro Signature LUTs

by Ellis van Jason

  • 10 Signature LUTs to get the best out of your GoPro
  • 65 point .cube presets, created in DaVinci directly (not via converter)
  • Optimised and tested for GoPro (All GoPros)
  • Created in the Rec.709 (Gamma 2.4) colour space
  • Compatible with PremierePro, DaVinci Resolve and Final Cut
  • Lifetime access to updates for these LUTs
  • LUT installation and usage guide included
  • Recommended GoPro settings included

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A message from the creator

- I use Technology to Evoke Emotions -

As a videographer and FPV pilot I am always trying to bring something new to the table. Even though there are a lot of LUT packs out there, there is definitely a need for an upgrade. These LUTs are specifically optimized for one camera and work therefore very well. So, I decided to create 10 similar but still different LUTs which are optimized for GoPro. For FPV pilots like us the GoPro is such a valuable camera due to its robustness, size and quality. Since the GoPro is not a cinematic camera, I see it crucial to make sure that the GoPro is used to its best. All the LUTs contained in my signature package have been created over the years and every single FPV video or Reel was finished with my LUTs. Last but not least, I will soon release further LUTs for the Mavic 3, BMPCC and Red Komodo.














"Getting the perfect shot with the desired conditions isn't always possible, which is why I created the GoPro Signature LUTs for you"

What is a Gopro lut?

LUT or “look-up table” is a tool that lets creators make colour conversion within seconds and saves a lot of time. The GoPro LUTs are optimised for GoPro as the camera is very different from other cameras (colours, saturation, etc.) The signature presets are 3D LUTs (not conversion LUTs) meaning that their purpose is more to give your footage a unique colour look (Ellisvanjason style) and should not be confused with a conversion LUT. As these lusts are create for GoPro’s it’s much more accurate than a general LUT. You will see :)


What does it contain?

The catalogue contains 10 different signature 65 point .cube 3D LUTs (changing hue, saturation and brightness) created for GoPro cameras. They can be used for other cameras but the purpose is to use them with GoPro cameras.


With what are they compatible?

They’re compatible with any editing software which can read & import .cube files. So, they can be used with DaVinci Resolve, Premiere Pro and Final Cut. I have 33 point cubes as a backup so in case the 65 .cube files don’t work I got you covered. For help drop us an email under [email protected]